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…I couldn’t help but laugh and marvel at the creative writing… it’s easy to enjoy and understandable for young ones to grasp. I love how it provides educational tips for taking care of pets…


I had the honor of sharing my life with cats previously (because let’s be honest, cats allow you the privilege of their company, unlike dogs who think you hung the moon), and many things about Mello reminded me of my cats, bringing back good memories of my time with my fur babies…

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Mello Jello Magoo

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Kitty with Sunglasses

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  • Pampering Our Pets


    Have you ever wondered why people at BBQ parties start to imitate their pets, like the guy who begins to bark every time he approaches the keg? Or do you ever catch yourself saying to your cat ‘Meow?’ 

    Perhaps we love our pets so much, we like to adore them in every way. It brings us joy to spend money on our pets and to think about them as our own children while we are at work or away. Of all the generations behind us, now couldn’t be a better time for pet owners. There are fabulous ways pamper pets today, so let’s review the best of the bunch with data backed research on what pet owners love or find useful.

    While you’re away, check on your fur child with the latest cameras and ‘2-way talk’ devices; you can virtually meet your pet and offer a treat! The Owlet Home Pet Camera with a treat dispenser is a popular Amazon pick, Alexa compatible, and more affordable than top contenders. The company is mature with a built-in reputation for many types of home camera/security systems.

    WOPET: Camera & Treat Dispenser

    WOPET 300°- 2024 release
    Camera, 2-way audio & treat dispenser

    • #1 Winner ‘Best Reviews Guide’
    • Excellent Rating ‘Best Products Reviews’
    • There’s also over 100 customer reviews on Walmart, satisfied with this product.

    Especially this summer, pets will benefit from cooling mats. Pets immediately like the cool feeling and naturally want to sit down on these. Cats benefit from the gel mats, however if your dogs tend to chew on all objects consider getting a non-gel dog mat to chill before use or look for washable cool fabric mats at a lower price. Make sure the label says ‘Non-Toxic’ like these top picks:

    Brand & Link to Amazon Non-Toxic Mats? Satisfied Customers
    The Green Pet Shop Yes, Gel 67%  of buyers like it, 4.3 Stars
    Arf Pets Cooling Mats Yes, Gel 66% of buyers, 5 stars
    NACOCO Cooling Mats Yes (non-gel) 61% of buyers, 5 stars

    What could be more relaxing than walking your dog with a ‘hands free’ leash this summer? Don’t let the panting smell of bad breath get in the way of your next car ride, have a dental & breath freshening treat ready.  A backyard access is great for pets with a beautiful solution for your home.

    Cats love window sills, make yours comfortable with a great looking cat perch! Have plenty of water for pets at home with a handsome and easy to clean pet water fountain. Checkout the above and more visit: Mello’s Pet Central.

    Kitty with Sunglasses

    Mello’s Pet Central


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